The European Catch-Up Index 2014

A decade after the fifth enlargement of the EU, new Member States are catching-up with regards to the economy, though they still lag behind in terms of democracy, governance and quality of life.

Central and Eastern Europe Member States are advancing in terms of their economies, with Estonia establishing itself as the new leader in the region. This is as according to the key findings of the fourth Edition of the Catch-Up Index which were discussed by a panel of experts during the policy debate Is the Catching-Up of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Member States a Mirage, co-organized by ECAS and OSI-Sofia on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the fifth enlargement of the EU.

The Catch-Up Index measures the performance of 35 countries, comprising the EU Member States, and the candidate and potential candidate countries, across four categories: Economy, Quality of Life, Democracy and Governance.

The new member states are gradually catching-up but the picture is mixed. The North-South divide supersedes the East-West divide, pointed out Marin Lessenski, Program Director of European Policies Initiative, Open Society Institute Sofia.

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