"Yes, I Do": Bulgarians Remain Most Faithful to the EU"

According to a recent survey of OSI-Sofia from July 2013, 68.4% of Bulgarians have positive attitudes towards membership in the European Union and over 81.1% would reaffirm their support to EU entry if the issue were put to the vote today. The analysis of data shows that:

  • Support to EU membership in Bulgaria remains very high with over 81% of respondents reaffirming the decision to join the union and 70% assessing positively EU membership so far;
  • Trust in the EU surpasses threefold the trust in national institutions, following a long-term trend over the years;
  • Euroscepticism may not be a winning political strategy as only 11% would vote for a party endorsing Bulgarias exit from the EU;
  • Non-voters are the group that is most negative to Bulgarias EU membership, but surprisingly they also hold EU institutions in higher esteem than national ones;
  • Bulgarians seem to believe less in EUs external transformative power as only 6.7% believe membership brings rules and lawfulness to their country, which is a threefold drop from 2008;

Download link: "Yes, I Do": Bulgarians Remain Most Faithful to the EU" , EuPI Policy Brief 40, September 2013

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