Is There a Threat of Bulgarian Migration Influx to the UK?

Bulgaria and Romania entered international news in the past month as British politicians and popular media started to worry about influx of Bulgarian migrants after 2014. After January 1, 2014 Bulgarian and Romanian citizens will have full access to the labor market in the UK after the last transition periods barring them would have expired.

However, the concerns, heated debates and alleged fear were rarely, if at all, backed up by numbers and data. In order to fill in the gap of informed debate, OSI-Sofia has compiled highlights from its several studies on Bulgarias migration trends conducted over the years.

You can find the summarized data in a EUPIs fact sheet "Is There a Threat of Bulgarian Migration Influx to the UK?"

This brief series is a product of the European Policies Initiative (EuPI) of the Open Society Institute Sofia. EuPI aims at stimulating and assisting new Member States from CEE to develop capacity for constructive co-authorship of common European policies at both government and civil society level.

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