Cabinets in New EU Member States

As Bulgaria is heading to a single party minority government in July 2009, EuPI has prepared a fact sheet with the longevity of governments in CEE prior and after accession. You can access the fact sheet "Cabinets in New EU Member States: Duration, lifespan and the date of accession as a turning point" here.

The fact sheet is a product of the European Policies Initiative (EuPI), aimed at providing independent information and commentary on key issues on EU’s new member states agenda.

The European Policy Initiative (EuPI) aims at stimulating and assisting new Member States from CEE to develop capacity for constructive co-authorship of common European policies at both government and civil society level. As a new priority area of the European Policies and Civic Participation Program of Open Society Institute – Sofia, EuPI will contribute to improving the capacity of new Member States to effectively impact common European policies through quality research, policy recommendations, networking and advocacy. The initiative operates in the ten new Member States from CEE through a network of experts and policy institutes.

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